August 17, 2010

Mug Shots

I am quite fond of my little collection of coffee mugs.  I like to drink my coffee and tea out of a mug that tells a story rather than the boring coffee cups that match our dinnerware.  I realized as I was going through my favorites that most of them are from my husband!  Isn't he sweet :)  He's given me some really neat mugs from his last few business trips.  Gotta love souvenirs!
B-day gift from the hubby.  Starbucks has the cutest mugs!
Moose mug from Starbucks
Souvenir mug from Spain
Starbucks mug
Cute souvenir mug from Chihuahua Mexico
Souvenir mug from London
Target clearance - 78 cents!

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love my mugs, too. Something about something warm to drink and your hands around a mug. Cozy!

Greta said...

Cute mugs! I agree, those are more special than boring matchy matchies :)

Beverly @ said...

Oooh so cute! Love that Harrod's! I've been there - I think I need to go back. Maybe this week.

alissa said...

I feel exactly the same way! I don't think I have ever used the mugs that came with my dishes either. At the moment, I am drinking my coffee out of a black mug from the Westin in Los Cabos...brings back great vacation memories! And you are right - Starbucks does have the cutest mugs!

Melissa said...

I agree that Starbucks has awesome mugs to purchase. However I love your mug from Harrods...that place is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Morning coffee is better when drunk from a mug with personality. I have what I call my happy mug for morning coffee but we often go to a dinner that has a most interesting collection of mugs, You might get a Christmas mug in May or a wresting mug or breast cancer awareness. It's always fun to see what our server sets down for us. :)

Debbie said...

Looks like my collection...I love my coffee!

Dredd said...

You sure have a lovely collection of mugs and your photography are awesome!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

How them all!

Chari at Happy To Design said...


You have a great mug much fun! I love the pretty green damask mug from Targets! Hehe! It's funny because I'm sharing a teacup on my Show & Tell Friday post, but I'm a "die hard" coffee drinker and can't imagine life or a cupboard without a few big ol' coffee mugs! Hehe! Thanks for sharing your fun collection with us!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Sarah said...

As a retired teacher, I've had numerous coffee mug of various design through the years. I left many of them in the school lounge when i retired, but two of my favorites came home with me. They are still what I use for my morning coffee. :-)

Tricia Rose said...

Yes, coffee cups are perfect mementos - I have some plain ones, but really adore my hodgepodge of blue and white ones - every one has a different provenance.

I keep lids too, all over the house, so I can pop one over the top if I am busy reading or at the computer...

fiberdoodles said...

Too cute!

Emily said...

Hello! Cool blog! I have a strange request... My husband has a favorite mug. He carries it everywhere he goes, to work, to starbucks, to bible study, everywhere! But tonight, he set it on the trunk of the car while he was putting the baby in the car. We drove off and heard a crash. It was the sound of his favorite starbucks moose mug shattering to peices. My husband was so disappointed. Would you ever consider selling me your moose mug? I cannot find it anywhere online. It would make his day and I would be the best wife EVER! I completely understand if you are too attached, though. :) My email is

Jeff said...

Any chance you'd be willing to sell the moose mug? Seriously. I've been looking for it for years.