April 20, 2010

Blossoming Crabapple

IMG_5190 IMG_5191
Wow, where did the last two weeks go?  Thank you all for your sweet comments and emails about Stanley.  His surgery went well and now we are focused on helping him achieve a full recovery.  It's no fun for a dog to have surgery on both knees.  Who wants their activity restricted for 6 weeks?!  Poor guy.

We were out of town for the weekend and came back to find our Crabapple tree looking as beautiful as ever.  I have never seen it so full of blossoms.  I can't stop looking at it! 


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the surgery went fine and Stanley is mending. Yes, 6 weeks for a dog is just about eternity :) Eternity for dog mom, too!

Your tree is fabulous!! Love the color.

Wendy said...

Glad to hear he is doing good. You'll have to share how you limit his activity, I can't imagine trying to limit Lily's activity.
I am going to go read your post saying goodbye...I think the wall paper looks just like our dining room wallpaper!

kim said...

Ouch, both knees. Poor baby. I hope he recovers quickly. Your crabapple tree is stunning and so full!

Adventures of a CrAzY LaDy! said...

Beautiful tree! Glad to hear that Stanley is home and recovering! :)

Letherton said...

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becca said...

that tree is gorgeous! i'm so glad your pup is ok. i had to keep mine on bedrest for a month and it was so hard. if only they understood logic and reason and spoke english.

Shannon said...

Wow! That tree is absolutely beautiful!

Karli @ RockyBella said...

I have a tree kind of like that, and it is soo nice to look at. Mine is all green now though. =( I wish they could stay pink all year long. =) Yours is Beautiful!

Debbie said...

What a gorgeous tree to have right by a window! YAY for Stan the Man, so happy! Enjoy the weekend. Debbie

Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com said...

Glad to hear your little one is doing well. Yea! :)
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - your pictures are AMAZING. I've really enjoyed looking around. I'll be back often. :)

Jen T said...

Hey - Your crabapple tree is beautiful! What a view!..Thank you for coming by she endeavors - Jen

alissa said...

Beautiful photos Emily - what a great view to have from your window!